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Date: 7th June 2016
Auto-feeding Rotary Traveling Head Die Cutting Machine
Among those famous auto-feeding rotary traveling head die cutting machine manufacturers,Website:http://www.chinesecuttingmachine.com, Shuoying Precision Machinery is a competitive auto-feeding rotary traveling head die cutting machine golden supplier in China. You can get CE certificated products from us.Auto-feeding Rotary traveling head die cutting machineModel : SY?1/35?40?50USE AND FEATURESIt is suitable for continuously cutting large batch of regular (or same specification) non-metallic coiled material by the cutting die. It is especially suitable for cutting such as sports goods (ball), abrasives (abrasive paper), shoes (sole, insole, shoe-pad, upper of a shoe ), medical supplies and etc. 1. Double oil cylinders?precision four-column auto-balancing link structure, which can guarantee uniform cutting depth of each cutting position.2. Precision ball screw drive is adopted for accurate positioning movement and stable operation.3. Traveling head can rotate freely in any angle of 360?.4. According to material, which can choose rubber roll or double-clip auto-feeding by air-operated, PLC touch screen program control the distance of traveling head automatically sidesway and rubber roll automatically feed.5. Special cutting mode such as automatic dislocation?reducing cutting times, which can reduce wastage and save raw materials.6. It has three cutting operating mode such as manual, semi-auto and full-automatic. When cutting in full-automatic mode, operator only need pick up the finished product directly without interruption, which can greatly increase work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.7. Special fixture can be simple & fast installed and fixed the cutting die.8. When cutting, using the safety grating to ensures high safety of operators.TECHNICAL ?PARAMETERS Max. ? ?cutting force350kN400kN500kNCutting ? ?speed0.12m/s0.11m/s0.11m/sStroke ? ?adjustment range0?120mmRange ? ?between the working tables30?150mmSidesway speed of traveling head50?250mm/sFeeding speed20?90mm/sSize of ? ?traveling headDia.400mmDia.500mmSize of ? ?lower worktable1600?600mm1600?750mmMotor ? ?power3kW5.5kWOverall ? ?dimension2260?1180?1900mm2360?1350?1950mmTotal ? ?weight2800kg2900kg3800kg
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